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Buying A Helmet For Street Motorcycle Riding That Actually Protects Your Head

A love of motorcycle riding is something that a lot of people just don't understand, but once you've been bitten by the bug, it's a love that's hard to shake. If you take the proper safety precautions and ride wisely, you could go many years without having any type of accident, but you should always prepare for a ride as if it will be the day that you lay the bike down. Here, you'll find a little information that can help you select the right helmet to protect your head from impact while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Type of Helmet

There are six main types of helmets:

  • Full face
  • Open face
  • Modular – flip up
  • Half helmet – skull cap or brain bucket
  • Dual sport – hybrid or crossover
  • Off-road

The type of riding you do will play a part in what type of helmet you choose. In most cases, road riders opt for full face, open face, modular or half helmet.

If you're new to riding, you probably don't realize how much the wind will impact the quality of the ride. Full face helmets will help to stop the wind from hitting your face and make it easier for you to breathe while riding in high-wind situations.

For your safety, half helmets should only be used once you've mastered the art of riding. These helmets do help to protect your skull in accidents, but they are much less effective than full face helmets will be.

The Perfect Fit

 If the helmet doesn't fit properly, it won't protect your head very well if you're in an accident and it won't make riding very comfortable.

A helmet should fit snugly – you should not be able to wiggle your head around inside of it once it's on and strapped, but it shouldn't fit so snugly that your head feels like it's going to pop.

When shopping for a helmet, use the measurement guides that are provided by the manufacturer. Many times, you will not only be provided a measurement chart, but also a diagram that shows you how to measure your head the right way.

Choose the Brand

You want to buy a helmet produced by a company that will stand behind their product and assist you in any way that you'll need. Look for reviews that show that the brand is one that is known for quality, as well as customer service.

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