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Building A Go-Kart? You'll Need A Stand

If you're just starting to build an race go-karts, you may be happy with the feeling of racing around the track in something you've made. In order to make and maintain your kart properly, however, you're going to need some accessories. You might not be very sure you need a stand, but here are a few reasons kart stands are essential.

Kart Maintenance

When you've got to paint your kart or change a tire, you might be doing so with the kart on the ground. This can make your work time-consuming and difficult to do. A kart stand is vital during times like those, as they can put the kart in the position you want so that you can accomplish your task easily. A basic, stationary kart stand is perfect for painting and welding parts, while you might choose an upright stand if you plan to tinker with the undercarriage regularly.

Avoidance of Physical Strain

When you're welding doors onto your kart or working on the tires, bending over can put some strain on your back and leg muscles. Being able to sit with a kart on a stationary stand, you can reach parts and the vehicle without having to contort your body into uncomfortable positions for long periods.


When taking your go-kart to the track or bringing it home, it's tricky to transport it because of it's shape and size. A basic stand can stabilize the kart on top of your car or in a truck bed so that it doesn't move about as you drive. Depending on the type of stand you choose, you may be able to keep the kart in the stand from the vehicle to the track, making it even easier to get the kart around.


Like many kart drivers and builders, much of your work is probably done in the garage. However, if you've also got large vehicles in there, space is hard to come by. If you're done with the kart, an upright stationary stand can allow you to use vertical space, leaving more floor and legroom for other things. If you build more than one kart, a stacker stand could help store your karts without taking up too much room in the garage.

Whether you select a Streeter brand stand or another version, you can better work with go-karts when you've got a stand for them. Visit retailers like Karting World Wide LLC to choose which model is perfect for your machine and needs.