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Tips For Buying Your Child An ATV

Many adults love riding ATVs, so when they have kids they are eager to have their children join them in their hobby. But before you purchase an ATV for your child, it is essential to be an informed consumer. Use the following tips to ensure that you're looking at the right youth ATVs for sale online:


For most people, budget is a serious consideration when it comes to ATVs. There are many different types of youth ATVs at all price points, so it is possible to find one that fits your budget. Before shopping for an ATV for your child, make sure you establish a firm budget and know exactly how much you can afford to spend. The last thing you want to do is start looking at ATVs and have your child fall in love with one that costs too much money. If your budget is tight, you may also want to consider looking at used ATVs for kids. 

Age Range

Youth ATVs come in different sizes and are meant for different age kids. No matter how experienced your child is at riding ATVs, it is very important to buy an ATV that is the right size for their age. ATVs that are too small or too large for a child can greatly increase the risks of accidents, so always pay attention to the age range that an ATV is recommended and designed for. 

Safety Features

While parents want their child to have fun while riding an ATV, most take safety very seriously. Luckily, many youth ATVs are equipped with a number of safety features to help protect young riders. When shopping for a youth ATV, make sure you know exactly what safety features an ATV has. It is in your best interest to buy your child an ATV with as many safety features as possible.

One example of a valuable safety feature is an engine governor, which regulates the speed and prevents kids from riding their ATV too fast. In addition to the safety features on an ATV, always make sure that you purchase your child a helmet when getting them an ATV to ride.

Where Your Child Will Ride

It is important to think about where your child will ride before you buy him or her an ATV. If your child will be riding on cement, asphalt, or grass, you may not need to buy an ATV with as much power or heavy-duty tires. However, if your child will be riding through sand dunes, desert, or the forest, you will want to make sure to purchase an ATV that can handle these environments.