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Protect Your UTV With These Cleaning Tips

A UTV isn't necessarily synonymous with spic and span clean, but there are times when cleaning the vehicle is a great idea. Your ability to clean the UTV properly can help protect your investment, keep the vehicle looking better longer and allow you to get more enjoyment out of it. 

Make Cleaning A Regular Habit

Do you enjoy spending hour after hour cleaning your UTV? If the answer is yes, make cleaning the vehicle an infrequent process. However, if you're like most people, you don't want to spend this much time cleaning the vehicle, so make cleaning a regular habit.

If you don't use your UTV often, it's a good idea to clean the vehicle after each use. However, if you operate it more frequently, such as a couple of times a week, cleaning at least once a month is a good idea. The more often you clean the UTV, the easier the task will be.

Stock Up On The Degreaser

Make sure you stock up on degreaser. Trail sludge can cover the entire vehicle and, unfortunately, regular vehicle cleaner isn't going to be powerful enough to remove it. When left on the surface, this sludge can dull the metal and make the vehicle look older than it actually is.

Degreaser comes in handy in this instance as it can help break down the sludge, grease, and other dirt to remove it from the metal surfaces of the vehicle. Consider looking for an option at an auto improvement store as these solutions are generally premixed, making application easier.

Invest In A Quality Brush

It's a good idea to invest in a quality brush. It doesn't matter how powerful a cleaner you use, you can't clean a UTV without a little elbow grease. When choosing a brush, always look for one with a longer handle to make using and navigating the brush into smaller spaces easier.

Next, find a brush that is oil-resistant. A brush that is not oil resistance will just allow the oil to build up and collect within the bristles and as you continue to use the brush, you will only be spreading the oil all over. Lastly, choose a brush with smooth bristles to avoid scratching the metal or the paint.

Protect your UTV by following these proper cleaning habits. Your efforts will be well worth it. For more tips on caring for your UTV, talk to dealers like Motor World West Power Sports.