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Helpful Tips To Choose The Right Motorcross Boots

If you are involved in high speed sports like motorcross, then you undoubtedly know that you need the right type of gear to protect yourself properly.  One of the most important pieces of safety gear you can buy are motorcross boots.  These boots are specially designed to withstand the high speeds and wear and tear of motorcross and off-road motorbike riding.  Do not just choose the cheapest boots that you can find though, make sure you pick out your boots carefully.  Follow the tips below to locate the best motorcross boots so you can make sure you are protected as much as possible from potential injuries.

Go For Durable Boots

If you intend on involving yourself in motorcross activities every weekend, then it is your best option to choose the most durable boots you can find.  Durable boots are ones that are made out of metal, plastic, and leather materials.  Plastic should be used to encase both the front and back sections of the boot.  Durable leather should make up the majority of the boot itself, while the plastic adds support to the ankle and shin.  Leather is far more durable than plastic, and this is especially true if thick and high quality full-grain or top-grain pieces are used to create the boots.  Inspect the leather across the boots to see if a deep grain in a natural pattern is noticed across the surface.  This characteristic, along with several millimeters of thickness, will indicate genuine and good quality leather.

Along with the plastic and leather materials, make sure the boots have a solid metal steel heel and toe guard.  Both the heels and toes of the boots will likely come into contact with the ground, foot brake, shifter, and possibly the wheels as well.  Without the steel, these areas of the boot are likely to rip apart quite quickly.  Aluminum metal also should be seen across the buckles of the boots.  Generally, plastic and aluminum make up the buckles, but make sure that plastic alone does not comprise the majority of the closures.

Make Sure the Boots are Waterproof

Motorcross sports are not always enjoyed when the sun is shining.  Sometimes, rainy weather may quickly turn a dirt course into a muddy one.  If this is the case, then you want to make sure your motorcross boots are as waterproof as possible.  Otherwise, the water can seep into the boots and cause your heel, toe, or arch to slip.  This may mean that your feet are not protected as well as they should be.  Ankle injuries like sprains and breaks are among the top five most common motorcross injuries.  Properly worn boots can greatly reduce these risks.

To ensure that your motorcross boots are waterproof, look for a pair that is between 14 and 15 inches high.  These boots are considered full sized boots that cover a good portion of the lower leg.  The height of the boot will help to prevent mud and water from the track from slipping into the top of the boots.  Also, boots with extended gaiters or interior liners can offer good protection against water.  The liner should cinch at the top and it should be made out of a nylon or polyvinyl material.

The tongue that sits in the middle of the motorcross boot should be wide as well.  This way, the leather sides will overlap a good deal over the tongue when the boots are buckled, to provide a more thorough barrier against water.

If you like fast paced sports like motorcross, then you should be aware of the dangers of the sport.  Protecting your feet is extremely important, and this means purchasing the right boots.  Gaerne boots that are durable and waterproof are best.